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Apocalypse Chaos

Apocalypse Chaos

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Enemies are swarming the ship! Outnumbered and outgunned, you’ll need to work together with other players if you hope to survive.

Apocalypse Chaos is a cooperative game of sci-fi adventure where players take the roles of a starship crew that faces a powerful alien threat. Choose from four different heroes, each with their own unique abilities and statistics, then work together to repel each onslaught. As the action unfolds on a three-dimensional board, you allocate dice to perform actions and fend off enemy waves. Close in for the kill with a melee attack, or activate your shields and deflect incoming attacks! 

Contents: Rulebook, 20 Custom Dice, 5 Standees, 4 Player Boards, 10 Room Tiles, 31 Enemy/Equipment Cards, 85 Various Tokens, 8 Plastic Pillars

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