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Army Painter

Army Painter: Deadland Tuff

Army Painter: Deadland Tuff

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Distant moons or undead kingdoms, the Deadland Tuft allows you recreate the chilling atmosphere of death. Creates super realistic bases and the tufts comes in 3 different sizes. Easy to use and attaches quickly with our super glue. Contains 77 tufts. 

  • Bring your miniatures to life - Pair your painted minis with The Army Painter tufts.
  • Easy to apply - Simply apply glue to your chosen model grass tufts and place on terrain model.
  • 3 different sizes for any base size.
  • 77 tufts in this package: 12 large tufts, 35 medium tufts, and 30 small tufts.

How to use: 

  1. Use a Tweezers Set to select and hold a single tuft
  2. Add glue to the bottom, if you want speedy adhesion use Super Glue
  3. Using Tweezers set the tuft exactly where you want and let dry
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