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Army Painter

Army Painter: Hydro Pack Refills

Army Painter: Hydro Pack Refills

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The perfect top up pack for The Army Painter Wet Palette. This Hydro Pack contains 50x pieces of Hydro sheets and 2x pieces of air-tight Hydro foams.Note: The Hydro Pack is a refill set for the Wet Palette.

  • Complete refill package – In this Hydro Pack you get a complete set of 50 Hydro Palette Paper Sheets and 2 Hydro Wet Palette Sponges
  • Keep your paints fresh and ready – Whether you tend to use paints straight out of the bottle, or you mix a lot, our wet palette for acrylic painting will keep your acrylic Warpaints wet and fresh
  • Hydro sheet membranes for perfect moisture level – Our Hydro Sheets for acrylic palette are designed specifically for allowing the ideal amount of water to seep into our acrylic Warpaints

Hydro Pack is a refill set for the Wet Palette

How to use:

  • Moisten Hydro Foam sheet and put in the bottom of the tray
  • Cover with one Hydro Sheet, push it down so it lays flat on the foam
  • Ready to use!
  • Cover with the brush holder and lid once done painting
  • Keep closed with the safety strap
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