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Gamemaster: Terrain Brush Kit

Gamemaster: Terrain Brush Kit

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The ultimate brush selection for terrain painting! The Gamemaster: Terrain Brush Kit contains 4 brushes designed especially for painting your XPS foam, Styrofoam and MDF board terrain pieces.

  • Specialized model paint brushes designed to help you create the perfect terrain.
  • Works great with XPS foam, Styrofoam and MDF boards.
  • Made from highest quality materials - These miniature paint brushes are perfect for professionals and beginners alike. They are made from high quality materials that will last for years.

Contains 4x terrain brushes:

1. Effect Brush

Perfect for painting effects like arcane symbols, bloody bullet holes, and rusted metal on your fantasy and sci-fi terrain.

2. Wash Brush

The wash technique is the best way to add depth and shading to your terrain pieces. This brush is the best tool for the job.

3. Medium Drybrush

Drybrushing is a huge part of terrain painting. The Medium Drybrush is perfect for more detailed work.

4. Large Drybrush

The Large Drybrush brush is great for base coating or drybrushing the larger areas on your newly created terrain pieces.

Treat your brushes right and they will last:

  • Only fill the tip of the brush with paint
  • Only clean in cold water immediately after use
  • Store your brushes tip up
  • Dry paint in your brush tip will ruin your brush
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