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In Papillon, players will build beautiful flower gardens to attract butterflies and all manner of life.

Papillon is a tile drafting, tableau building, area control game for 2-4 players where each player attracts butterflies to their garden in an attempt to gain the most Nectar! Each round you will bid a number of caterpillars to select the most desirable field tiles from those available to place in your garden. Completing patches of flowers will allow you to place your own butterflies on valuable potted flowers with varying Nectar values.

Have the most butterflies on a flower to score the most Nectar! You’ll score points in other ways too, as the butterflies in your garden, your two largest flower patches, and even the caterpillars you keep will add to your score at the end of the game.

  • Stunning 3D flowers bring the butterfly garden to life on your table.
  • Approachable and well balanced tile drafting game with a depth of strategy for expert players.
  • Innovative butterfly mechanic lets you move your own butterflies from flower to flower.
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