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SUPERFIGHT! CARD GAME Can a Pope who shoots lightning (but can't see) defeat a chimp that's good with knives (but is handcuffed to a golf cart)? This is the main starter deck for Superfight. Superfight is a hilarious card game based on fights between characters with superpowers and super problems. Think of it as Apples to Apples meets Cards Against Humanity. Then, after they meet, they fight to the death. Each player holds three characters at all times. The powers and weaknesses stay in a deck face-down on the table. At the beginning of each round, one player becomes The Ref. The Ref places one of his or her characters on the table as a villain, then draws and places two attribute cards next to that villain. After all characters and their powers and/or weaknesses are in play, The Ref chooses who would beat the villain, and who would not. There should, of course, be some discussion as to why a player believes his or her Ewok who has social anxiety and just dropped acid (notice how there can be two weaknesses and no powers) would fare better against a tree monster who throws hypodermic needles and teleports (notice how there can be two powers and no weaknesses) than an infant who can fly but suffers from depression (notice there can be depressed babies). That discussion is, after all, the point of the game. Those are the basics! AND it's expandable! A location deck can be added, along with new characters, new powers, and superproblems like tornadoes! It's simple. It's fun. It's Hilarious. The game consists of two decks: One deck contains 170 characters, such as: - Zombie - Child Beauty Pageant Queen - Shark - George W. Bush And the other deck contains 330 powers and problems, such as: - Inside a Giant Hamster Ball - Super Speed - Can Turn Invisible While Singing Showtunes - Armed with a Chainsaw Players create fighters from these cards, then argue with one another over who would win in a fight!

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